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As authorities crack down on illicit drugs, experts have issued an alert on the use of the synthetic stimulant pentylone, as new research finds a 75% increase in detections across… Read More

Calls to U.S. poison centers involving psilocybin, or 'magic mushrooms,' among adolescents and young adults rose sharply after several U.S. cities and states began decriminalizing the hallucinogen, researchers have found. Read More

The genomic analysis of 52 Psilocybe specimens includes 39 species that have never been sequenced. Psilocybe arose much earlier than previously thought -- about 65 million years ago -- and… Read More

In an unusual trial, researchers found that a patient's belief that they had received ketamine, even if they didn't, could improve their depression. Read More

One treatment each of two psychedelic drugs lowered depression and anxiety and improved cognitive functioning in a sample of U.S. special operations forces veterans who sought care at a clinic… Read More

Researchers have developed a technique for simultaneously measuring electrical signals from 128 areas of the brain in awake rats. They have then used the information to measure what happens to… Read More

First patient in Quebec gets approval from Health Canada for magic mushroom therapy

A clinic in Montreal received Health Canada's approval on May 5 to care for a patient who had undergone several unsuccessful treatments for depression. Read More

Canada approving psychedelics for therapy is a positive step, experts say

Health Canada will now allow physicians to request restricted psychedelic drugs for patients as part of their psychotherapy through its Special Access Program. Read More

Microdoses of psychedelic drugs can ease anxiety, depression: UBC study
- Elizabeth McSheffrey

The study followed more than 8,000 people around the world, half of whom were microdosing with psychedelics like magic mushrooms. Read More

Psychedelic drugs for treatment of mental illness the focus of University of Calgary research chair

The field of psychedelic research for mental health is attracting growing interest from the scientific and medical communities. Read More

COVID-19: Some turn to psychedelic micro-dosing to cope with mental health stress, anxiety

The stress of COVID-19 may be contributing to a boom in psychedelic consumption because of the mental health crisis the pandemic has created. Read More

Porn star Nacho Vidal arrested after deadly toad venom ‘ritual’
- Josh K. Elliott

A man died at the porn actor's home in Spain last year after inhaling 5-MeO-DMT, a hallucinatory drug made from toad venom, police say. Read More

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Fish on acid? Microdosing zebrafish with LSD shows its potential benefits for humans
- Trevor James Hamilton, Associate Professor in Neuroscience (Department of Psychology), MacEwan University

Growing interest in psychedelics has spurred new research decades after hallucinogenics were tested in Saskatchewan in the 1950s. And an unassuming common fish is proving a useful test subject. Read More

Another Round? What really happens when you microdose alcohol
- Harry Sumnall, Professor in Substance Use, Liverpool John Moores University

It may have ‘worked’ for Winston Churchill. That doesn’t mean it will work for you. Read More

Could microdosing be as good as yoga for your mood? It’s not that big a stretch
- Stephen Bright, Senior Lecturer of Addiction, Edith Cowan University

Microdosing involves taking a low dose of a psychedelic drug to enhance performance, or reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Here’s what our research shows. Read More

From trippy drugs to therapeutic aids – how psychedelics got their groove back
- Ian Hamilton, Associate Professor of Addiction., University of York

Psychedelics use is on the rise and it’s partly due to a wellbeing rebrand. Read More

‘Microdosers’ of psychedelics report improved mood, focus and creativity
- Rotem Petranker, PhD student in Clinical Psychology, York University, Canada

In a new research study, more than 900 people from around the world explain the challenges and benefits of microdosing LSD and psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Read More

‘Microdosers’ of LSD and magic mushrooms are wiser and more creative
- Thomas Anderson, PhD student, University of Toronto

According to new research, individuals who take small regular doses of psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms score higher on mental health, well-being and creativity. Read More

Integrating Psychedelic Experiences for Mental Health: The Importance of Aftercare
- Microdose NewsDesk

Psychedelics have been shown to have several potential benefits for mental health, including reducing anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, for these benefits to be realized, it is… Read More

MindBio Therapeutics Announces Positive Depression Data from World-First Phase 2A Take-Home Microdosing Trial
- Microdose NewsDesk

MindBio Therapeutics has announced groundbreaking results from a Phase 2a clinical trial involving the take-home microdosing of MB22001 for treating depression. This world-first trial showcased a significant decrease in depression… Read More

The Endocannabinoid System in Palliative Care
- Keith Fiveson

Palliative care is a cornerstone of healthcare, aiming to augment the quality of life for patients grappling with terminal illnesses. Within this sphere, the utilization of medicinal cannabis (MC) has… Read More

The Top Psychedelic Stories of 2023
- Jason Najum

Microdose takes a look back at some of the top psychedelic stories of 2023. The post The Top Psychedelic Stories of 2023 appeared first on Microdose. Read More

Santa’s Trippy Origins: Exploring the Psychedelic Roots of Christmas
- Jason Najum

We take a deeper look at ancient shamanic traditions, exploring how magic mushrooms may be a part of Christmas history. The post Santa’s Trippy Origins: Exploring the Psychedelic Roots of… Read More

Terran Biosciences Receives FDA Clearance for MRI Scan Technology
- Microdose NewsDesk

Terran Biosciences Receives FDA Clearance for NM-101, the industry’s first software for the analysis of neuromelanin-sensitive MRI The post Terran Biosciences Receives FDA Clearance for MRI Scan Technology appeared first… Read More

- Microdosing Institute What our body communicates to us, through our nervous system, matters. A lot. I can help us understand and heal from different kinds of trauma; event-based trauma and developmental… Read More

- Microdosing Institute In this episode with Aaron, we delve deep into the potential of psychedelics, and microdosing in particular, for the autistic population. Aaron shares a his personal experience, community insights… Read More

- Microdosing Community

Our community member Puck shared her microdosing experience with us. She has had positive results and aleviated her burn-out and much more. Thanks so much, Puck for speaking out by… Read More

- Microdosing Institute This conversation with Jasper is the most juicy episode on mycology we’ve ever done. It doesn’t get shroomier than this. And for good reasons, because without fungi, there would… Read More

- Microdosing Institute In this episode we speak about death in the literal sense, but also about ‘other ways’ of dying and the parts of you that might need to die, as… Read More

- Microdosing Institute

In this episode we speak with Jonathan Lu and Shauheen Etminan, the co-founders of Vcenna, as they take us on a journey through the historical context and societal stigma surrounding… Read More

- Kerrisa Wilson

The LCBO is saying customers should not confront shoplifters after a fight between thieves and a shopper was caught on camera at a store in... The post LCBO tells customers… Read More

- Devon Banfield

As The Village continues to grow in Toronto, some 2SLGBTQ+ residents who live or frequent the area are concerned about the impacts of gentrification in... The post ‘Condos are invading,’… Read More

- Breanna Marcelo

Some Canadians are wondering why Ontario Premier Doug Ford has not commented following Umar Zameer’s verdict which found him not guilty of a Toronto police... The post ‘Doug Ford should… Read More

- Devon Banfield

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has people talking after he recently posted a video discussing changes the federal government plans to make to help renters... The post ‘This policy will… Read More

- Rachel Goodman

Animals like foxes are suffering from the impact of pesticides used to kill rats prompting the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) to raise awareness about the... The post Some animals are… Read More

- Kerrisa Wilson

Two men are facing charges after selling fake iPhones and phone boxes containing rice and sand on Facebook.  Toronto police said two men have allegedly... The post Toronto police arrest… Read More

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