Neurodose Advanced Bundle

30 days 1P-LSD
30 days BOOST+
30 days 1000mg CBD Tincture
30 days BOOST Capsules


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99% purity - Lab tested

What’s included in my bundle?

We have included everything you need to begin your microdosing journey today!

30 Days 1P-LSD

1P-LSD offers the same benefits as LSD when taken as a microdose. Some of which include increased energy, focus and stamina.

30 Days BOOST+

4-ACO-DMT & our functional mushroom blend. A perfect combination for microdosing resulting in improved cognitive functioning and an increase in productivity.

30 Days 1000mg CBD Tincture

Neurodose CBD Tincture is a convenient way to ingest accurately dosed CBD.

30 Days BOOST

A combination of functional mushrooms to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, promote flow states and increase energy and focus.

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