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Purchase this item and get 49-119 Points!

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What’s Included With My Purchase?

We have included everything you need to begin your microdosing journey today!

Each 30 day supply includes 10 x 1mg capsules which are good for 1 month of microdosing if you are following the Fadiman microdosing schedule.

Our capsules are gluten free and vegan friendly.

4-ACO-DMT Product Details

With this product you will enjoy:

– A convenient microdose in the form of a capsule.
– Beneficial effects that last 4-7 hours.
– Outstanding support from our team and an option to book a free consultation.

What is 4-ACO-DMT?

4-ACO-DMT is a compound that produces effects very similar to the classical psychedelic, Psilocybin. 4-ACO-DMT, converts into Psilocin in your body after being ingested. The effects of 4-ACO-DMT lasts up to 7 hours.

Many reports of 4-ACO-DMT compare it favorably, describing it as more euphoric, gentle, warm, and colorful. It has also been described as less less likely to produce nausea as there is less material to consume.

Benefits of 4-ACO-DMT

Maximize mental clarity
Boost cognitive functioning
Increase productivity
Increase resistance to stress & anxiety
Regulate mood (hypothalamic pituitary axis)
Enhance flow states
Unlock creativity

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